Oh Now

If I invented life
What would it be?
A note, a song of sweet

Tones we speak with every word
To joy, happiness,
To enrapture us
I want to be the most
Relative being of course
To steal the minds of the forests
Trees to sway on the wind in the spring
Today is one, which was mystery
A song
A song
To sing as I look at the hour glass
Oh take me away on your sweet
Rush of sand, in the morning
Warning me to wipe my feet as I come in the door
Take the bag that I brought with me
Leave it on the porch
Do not scorch the bread
The music in my head
Sings sweet, Oh Me
Like Kurt Cobain once said
Until the life left from the place
Where his head once sat
Pat pit pat pat the sounds of the
BBs hitting the ground
I want to take a bath in the
Sound of the music from that day
Soak in the sweet deep heartfelt ways
Tell me Oh do you believe
That I have nothing up my sleeve
I do but it is not for now
It is for a day for when I grieve
Again, and again it has happened so much
A touch of my life has left with them
I want to take a breath
Now, Oh Now

by Chris Broast

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