Oh Onions..

Oh Onions...

Oh Onions...!
You are better than an invisible God
You’re visible and help us fight disease and hunger
Eons-long penance and meditation
one does not need to have your 'darsan'
though price fluctuates now and then
you are at the door step of the rich and poor
unlike the dear God, who needs cajoling
and lends His ears to the rich
and forgets the simple and the marginalised...

Oh Onions...!
you grow in open,
in green fields, fresh air and warm sun
unlike god in a shrine
surronded often by crooks
and not by men of devotion...

Oh onion...!
when we slice you,
you get hurt and cry
in our eye; but believe
we give you full respect
for your service - selfless and great.

God, too is not unkind
but ever busy and we fail to understand
whether He wants us to stand in the queue
and the devotees are many and not a few...

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