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Oh Peace, Where Do I Find You.....

Oh peace, where do I find you
I search you everywhere in my country but I could not find you
Oh peace, our countrymen love to have you in their hearts
but now your presence is not there to have a peaceful life.
Oh peace where do you go and where can I find you
I see our mothers tears in my country more than rain has poured
I see our nation's charming beauty is lost and its taken away from many acts of hate
I see our people wandering like broken arms to recover their lost freedoms
I see our people beautiful brotherly smiles lost where anger knows no boundaries
I see our people often plant a seed of peace to grow smoothly
but often its burn like a wild fire to the ash by our leaders
We are yet to free from political terrorism and thugs in our own country
and they have trapped us behind shelter of broken promises and blatant lies
Always, life seems to be enjoyed with another man's hearts pain
Oh peace, what have we done to you for you to keep us away within reach
If our country is peaceful, it will blossom like a flower
There is nothing more precious than peace in this world
But peace without justice will not make any nation peaceful
because injustice is the enemy of peace
So, let us find peace where ever it is there within our reach in our minds and hearts

Ravi Sathasivam / Sri Lanka
Copyright @Feb/2010 Ravi Sathasivam

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very apt and wonderfull poem.particularly from a sensitive poet like you.thanx for sharing voted10 ravi
the peace shall be in the soul and mind.then we will see peace.but since the souls are full of hatred, and minds full of ignorance and impiousness, there wont be peace.fascinating adroitness you have.keep impressing us. thanks for sharing
such a clean pure true poem.Very well written.
an earnest universal prayer...someday words from poets like you will shatter the walls of greed and help in establishing a world without walls
So accurately portrayed the pain you feel in absence of peace and so beautifully said; there can be no peace with out justice. I believe that is true in peoples personal lives as well as political........ Thank you Ravi........
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