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Oh Pity Them

Oh pity them the lost youth of Australia
They are the victims of sad circumstance
They are the children of dysfunctional parents
And in life they've never really had a chance.

It is their hard luck to live in the slum suburb
And their address is seen as a put down
Employers never keen to give employment
To young people from the wrong side of the town.

The gap between the haves and the have nots keep widening
In fact 'twould seem it's never been so wide
And in a Land where some have more than plenty
Self interest creates the social divide.

From an early age the odds are stacked against them
And on drugs and booze they waste their fleeting prime
Their mentors and role models repeat offenders
And the path to jail the only path from crime.

Born in the wrong place their greatest disadvantage
Their broken dreams shattered beyond repair
Oh pity them the poor souls of Australia
Whoever said that all in life is fair? .

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