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Oh Poet Of Nature

Oh you who love Nature your praises I'll sing
Your poems full of beauty the joy that you bring
To those who read your poetry Poets like you are rare
The beauty of your soul with others you share.

The songs of the birds in your poems here and there
The cough of the roo and the cry of the hare
The call of the boobook a bird of the night
Of beauty you dream and of beauty you write.

Oh Poet of Nature with blue eyes and brown hair
A woman of beauty for wild things you care
Of the workings of Nature so much you do know
Your stature as a writer only seems to grow.

Now in your mid twenties at the peak of your prime
Your poems are destined to live on in time
The cries of the seabirds the humming of the bees
The soughing of the freshening wind in the trees

Bright butterflies flitting in the sun's warm light
Of such things you sing and of such things you write
Oh Poet of Nature how marvellous you are
Your fame it is travelling and it will travel far.

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