Oh Razor Blade

Poem By Toxic Tears

Oh razor blade, you've left many *crimson* lines,
that'll never heal,
not even in time.

Oh razor blade,
I love the feel,
of your cold shiny silver,
piercing through my skin.

Oh razor blade,
you've always been here,
you've seen all the tears,
I've cried through the years.

Oh razor blade,
you know that I love,
how you are who you are,
and that you do what you do.

Oh razor blade,
we keep this a secret,
the marks that we've made,
are only me, trying to find an escape.

Oh razor blade,
I just have a question,
is this my end?

I've delt with too much,
I trust you enough,
now take me away.

Oh razor blade,
I'll leave a note,
I'll tell them I didn't do this,
all on my own.

Oh razor blade,
lets hurry up and say good bye,
so we can get on,
with our suicide.

Comments about Oh Razor Blade

i don't know whats wrong with people ignore Jamie, write down your feelings and care not to what they do say, i do this all the time, hope things are better now iyan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Why do I feel like I've read this poem a million times already? Read some poetry, and write about something original.

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