Oh Sarah

Poem By Taher Shemaly

Oh Sara I miss you
And miss my old Ireland
What happened to everyone?
Here, in my homeland

Like a stranger I was
For what i say, no one understands
And after Gaeilge that I used to speak
For Béarla my jaws tend to break

Ireland came after Éirinn
And Baile átha cliath is Dublin
What is left to be changed my dear A Shara?
Mountains of Mourne or Hills of Tara?

I still remember A Shara állain de mo chroí
How we used to dance the Jig and Reel
Over the green fields singing the lullaby
Everything now seems like a dream that never comes real

Jig seems not for fun anymore
The Gaels dance the break and on rock 'n roll
Where's my flute O Dear Sara?
Where are the folks and mo chara?

O Sara, Couples we were in times so hard
Our love story was made for the good and bad
For we are the ones with the green hearts
that never die even with our corpses under the grounds

I wish if I was with Oisín in tír na nÓg
To reach Ireland's soil later and die
Or with Cuchulainn in his battles
And die with fame so high

For mother a vow I made
That for Éire I'll put my neck under the blade
And you Sara your home is here, in my heart
And my heart is hold, in old Ireland

Cover me A Shara, and declare the mourning
And cry not for me over the night and the morning
But for my homeland that flipped upside down
That I used to dream of at every dawn

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