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Oh Sing Me A Song

Oh sing me a song of the clear mountain rill
That babbles downland from the foot of the hill
By many a hedgerow and many a tree
For to join the big river that flows to the sea.

Oh sing me a song of the Woodland in Spring
When the nesting songbirds do whistle and sing
And pink blossoms bloom on the fruit bearing tree
The beauty of Nature it captivates me.

Oh sing me a song of the swallows in flight
Their grace and their swiftness a marvellous sight
In sunshine or rain or an overcast sky
All day o'er the scrubland they sing as they fly.

Oh sing me a song of the sweet scent of hay
That waft in the breeze of a bright Summer's day
The sweet scent of Nature that in the wind blow
That those of the Countryside have come to know.

Oh sing me a song of the wind in the trees
On a bright Autumn day close to twenty degrees
In the cool of evening as the sun sets in the west
The songs about Nature are the songs I love best.

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