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Oh So Fragile

Oh so fragile, so trustfulness, so forged.
Design to furnish vigor, to knowledge the superior, design to be valid.

So poorly contain, foolishly walking.
Design in excellence, design to spread peace.

Oh so opposing, so corrupt, a disloyal obsession.
Design to be supportive, to accomplish its purpose, to be devoted.

Oh so pity, so wealthy in depress, a destructive urge.
Design to be courageous, joyfully engineer, a productive creation.

Intellectual capacity of the dire, oh what dreadful traits, an imperfect knowledge.
Created with such love that only the experience and the perfection of eternity can grant.

Oh how alter we are, so unjust and modest we humans are.

However, with the love that our creator has, the love that we may never understand, with the knowledge that we can never gain. With the experience that only eternity and perfect fairness can offer. All of our sins are washing away with it.

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