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Oh! Someone

Someone somewhere
awaits for me
behind the pillar of time
stands someone
some where
we all don't know
but some one
some where
we all know
awaits for us
but who and when
none will know
this alone is the secret of life
we all know
some one
somewhere waits for me
who knows?

If you are the one
waiting for me
come over will thee early

someone somewhere is calling out for me
who could that someone be
can anyone just whisper
into my ears for me
who that one hiding
could mean to me

Yes someone is there
in the mist of time
I can see
is he coming from Niagara
just ask for me
someone will ye...

by me poet yeps poet

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Comments (34)

Someone is so perfect. Someone is beautiful too. Someone is the one..... witty write.
Yes someone is there in the mist of time.... Very fine, Go on with your rhyme.......lovely poem, dear poet.anjandev roy.
Many await for you always on eternity.
I find this poem quite amusing because of its philosophical undertones. Thanks a lot.
Calling comes from every where..Nature is calling..Universe is calling..From each and every corner of Earth calling is coming..we dont know who is standing there to call us..Our Heart cries out of pain..It wants to jump into the Ocean of Love from where the calling is constantly coming..we don't know who calls..Only our Soul feels intense recognition with Him..Thank you dear poet poet ji for this beautiful poem..I have added this poem to my poem list..100000000+++++++++
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