Once Upon A Midnight

I remember it clearly, how all things went right
It was the 17th of November, once upon a midnight
You invited me for coffee, I even joked if it was for free
Suddenly, everything fell into place like it was meant to be

I know you were surprised on how much I love to talk
I got nervous when I made a wrong choice and I made you walk
You were intimidating at first, but I loosened up
When we finally sat in a coffee shop and sipped our first cup

We talked as if we were friends from way way back
I looked into your eyes and I could remember being under attack
By a charm that could surely make any girl blush
I just had to admit, that night was the night you became my crush

Our late night dates became frequent since then
Our schedules were tight but we can’t help but see each other again
Do you remember that time when I sat in a taxi beside you?
Out of nowhere, you threw me a hug and I just couldn’t argue

No matter what happens, I know our love will suffice
You’re a blessing and when I count them all, I count you twice
‘Cause once upon a midnight, my wish came true
When the princess in me, found the prince charming in you.

by Mara Manzano

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