Oh The Sun Is Always Graceful

Oh the sun is always graceful,
As the space between our souls;
If you find you are not fearful,
You have found jewels and goals.

And I say this in the moonlight,
Where our skins are in faint blue;
All I have is your heat and breath,
As I reach much closer to you.

Oh the sun is always graceful,
When the highest moment is here;
Then my wings fall back so peaceful,
We were both in dreams out there.

Oh the sun is always graceful,
Like the kindness from your smile;
Every sunbeam is so joyful,
But after that we rest a while.

And I say this closer to you,
Then I was before I met you last;
You can feel that I am true,
In the heat now as in the past.

by Peter S. Quinn

Comments (2)

Yes, rightly the Sun is revered as God!
As grace is to the sunflower as the sunflower is to the light. Nice poem.