(25th March 1943 / )

Oh! To Be Slim

Why do we spend so much time in the gym,
Why is it that we feel we must keep slim,
On cycling, long hours we spend,
But, go nowhere, in the end,
It's really hard work this trying to stay trim!

We watch the calories as they mount up high,
And cannot seem to control our intake - Why?
We always need a snack,
This slimming, we can't crack,
The effort of trying really makes one cry!

We should be happy with the shape we are,
And just enjoy eating, our chocolate bar,
Magazine diets just make us blue,
So, just what are we to do,
We always seem to feel, well below par!

Perhaps a 'Personal Trainer' would be nice,
He'd have us slim and fit within a trice,
But these thoughts may be just dreams,
And we'll stay, bursting at the seams,
Because this slimming game, comes with a 'weighty' price!

© Ernestine Northover

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It is the season of good cheer, so the wobbly bits shall soon be here. Love, Andrew xxx
You always seem to be able to put life subjects in such a way, that the reader feels as if you are talking directly to them, Brilliant, God Bless you Ernestine, Love Duncan
Oh Ernestine! I really needed this. I am on a mission myself to lose about thirty pounds or so (not sure what that is in kilos or stones) . I've lost about 12 but -I'M SO SICK OF WEIGHT LOSS STUFF! ! ! ! There, I feel better now. Another outstandingly clever and well written piece. Thank you my dear! Blessings! - Theresa
Sharp and witty. Susie.
a wonderful poem with a humor grace style and wit yet behind it all for me a sadness which you probably didn't intend especially when I closed in on 370 pounds but that's what a great poem should be sending ripples out into Infinity which other souls feel deep in their hearts
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