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Oh To Fly, Oh To Fly
BT (December 17,1964 / Canada)

Oh To Fly, Oh To Fly

Perched on the cliff face
Looking at a brave, new world
I cry from the wilderness, hear it today
Hear it for a thousand years

The earth shakes and i catapult
onto a warming updraft
Circling, wheeling among the Winds of destiny
Beneathe, all the planet trembles at her footsteps

While thunderclouds colour the sky my claws flex
I swoop, i dive, the wind caresses my wings
The clouds part and for one second,
There a playmate, together we merrily chase the wind

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Comments (5)

this is perfect for Daedalus and Icarus..marvelous write!
Ah, but I’ve been there so I knew that you were watching an eagle and, sure enough, another came out to play. I like the way you said it. Adeline
Amazing imagery! I actually felt like I was flying and then when I realized I wasnt I was disappointed! ((Smile)) Anyway excellent poem with the perfect title! Thanx for sharing. (10 out of ten) I look forward to reading more of your work very soon. =Shelley=
the imagry is fantastic, you actually lifted me up and had be soaring with the wind. Excellent poem Bud.---Melvina---
I can still feel myself floating on the wind! What a wonderful picture you've painted in my mind....beautiful and carefree! Awesome poem!