Giving comfort to you my sweet one
as in spirit I'm holding you tight,
I'm there with you always just like tonight.
Pulling you in so very close
feel the warmth of my love as I give it to you,
feel peace and comfort as I tell you
I love you sweet one and I always will.
I'm never leaving and I'm not gone,
I'll by your side forever my only one.
You are my love and I want to be yours,
I'm holding you tight to give you comforts sweet light.

Feel my light touch so deep and tender
as I stroke your sweet cheek
dipping in to give you sweet kisses.
Kisses of comfort giving myself in sweet surrender,
feel me against you in loving comfort,
I'll hold you as tight and as long as you want me.
Feel true comfort knowing I'm always here for my lady,
feel comfort in knowing that without you
my heart is lonely in its wanting of you only.
Feel my touch of desire for my true woman
as I pull you in to comfort your aching.

Deep comfort I give you in reassurane
by tender words touch and feeling,
bareing my soul to my Angel so pure.
Feel strength and comfort as in spirit
I hold and kiss you giving peace and solace,
know that I'm not leaving and am always with you.
I give you comfort by giving my truth,
I love you sweet Kira and I always will.

by Michael P. McParland

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