Oh! What I Did?

Poem By sudha pandey

What I did?

I was on my way,
through a dense forest,
Between shadows of wood & mine,
Stumbling on my legs,
And surprisingly! I forgot my way,

Oh! What I did?
the day,
Amidst thorns and creeps,
Soon it became dark night,
To which I got horrified,
And I had to wait again for a new day,

Oh! What I did?

I was just on the bay,
And had planned for a journey,
That had to be perfect,
But lost in self thoughts,
I had crossed the bay,

Oh! What I did?

Aloof I felt, I must say,
Was wishing, only to be safe,
And soon I found a hand
In my hand, who made me relax,
I sighed a breathe to say,

Oh! What I did?

Burning was I, it being May,
Thirsty was too, to the fullest,
But still felt a cold air,
The soothness, the caress, that
Made me closer to chest, in May,

Oh! What I did?

I forgot all, as I lay,
In his arms, in his shade,
Ecstatic to find a better share,
To which I can confide,
And closing my eyes, there I lay,

Oh! What I did?

To my eyes striked a ray,
Callous birds, chirp & sway,
Kept me hail & frown,
I searched again throughout again,
Is he lost or am i? in this ray,

Oh! What I did?

Once again, I kneeled to pray,
Guide me to only my way!
Why do storms uproot me?
Why do all think, I’m a fool?
Forgive me god! I pray..

Oh! What I did?

Many a times, I nay,
No, never, not again, I bet
Then why do I get caught?
In emotions, in fake notions,
Which measures me in nay,

Oh! What I did?

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i did everything natural......if something wrong.....God..please forgive me..the gist of your thoughts nicely penned..

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