„oh Wonder Of Wonders' Cries Eckhart

The one who experiences rapture or ecstasy
admits that he is in an irresistible trance.

These are often very short,
indescribable moments.

He enjoys a supreme knowldeg of
or participation in divine Reality.

Under various metaphors, he tries to tell
that he attained Pure Being,
his source, his origin, his Beloved.

„Oh wonder of wonders' cries Eckhart,
„when i think of the union the soul
has with God! He makes the enraptured soul
to flee out of herself, for she is no more satisfied
with anything that can be named. The spring of Divine Love flows out of the soul and draws her out of herself
into the unnamed Being, into her first source, which is God alone' (Meister Eckhart, On the steps of the Soul, (Pfeiffer, p.153) .

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The mystic who experiences euphoria, readily admits that he is in a compelling reverie. The moments experienced are very often brief, inexpressible split seconds in time. He/she enjoys maximum knowledge of or involvement in transcendent reality. Using different metaphors, he/she tries to explain that he/she acquired union with 'Pure Being', his/her source, origin, beloved. Meister Eckhart Tolle felt that the soul's union with the divine was a phenomenal event which caused the euphoric soul to be drawn out of herself and into 'The Source', which is God alone. The soul is then no longer satisfied with anything which could be given a name, it is totally enamoured with the divine and union with the divine. A superbly crafted poem which takes the reader into the world of the mystic, allowing a little glimpse of what mystical love is all about. Applause! Gratitude for sharing, dearest Tonyyyyy...