Oh You Angel Of Pain

Oh you angel of pain, wherever I turn I think of your face
It will be, in every heavenly, holy place,
You the sweetest face that deprived my eyes from sweet sleep 
I wish I can see you closer and your swiftest face to smile on me; a smile I keep.
All other angels faint; dimmed and tire;
My joy; my wearies, and forsaken desire;

Hope falters, diminishes; a face to face with cruel fate,
Hope gasps; yet not dies even in face of a long wait;
And Love cuts short each loving unanswered day,
I ask for the night; because fond hearts cannot obey
That subtlest law which measures bliss
By what it is content to miss.

But you, Oh you loving, faithful pain
I feel hated, reproached, rejected, slain
When I think of you; does only closer cling and bless
In sweeter, stronger steadfastness.
Dear, patient angel, to your own
You appear like a phantom in the grass; you come and never known

Till late, in some lone twilight place
The light of your transfigured face
Sudden shines out, and, speechless but my lips movements I pray
Know I have been with your spirit all day
And for once your gnawing face turns grief
To comforting relief

Copy Rights 2010
All Rights reserved

by Nero CaroZiv

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