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Oil And Water
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Oil And Water

Just like oil and water
Your new personality covers me
It does not mix with me
We can no longer fully combine to make one element
We remain as two and work off each other

The long wait has tarnished what we had
We're left to face the result
That it might be time to draw the line and accept we're as different now
As we were alike

I do not deny that we still have something special
But she made you change, he made me change
The light from our candle is a little dimmer now
You remain my best friend

Now I fear that I’ve killed any romanticisms inside me
For you
I had to force them out
Shut them in a box and lost the precious key

Rummaging around in the dark
You no longer give me the light
It scares me, to think of you as my best friend
Seems more fitting than my boyfriend

For a destructive eternity
We had to convince ourselves we we're just best friends,
Perhaps that’s what we now believe?

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Comments (1)

No, they do not mix. Good poem.