Over Again

It's over.One quick last embrace, and then
She drives off.I begin to sink into the whirlpool
Of overloaded Asian families, Muslim women,
Laughing adolescents, dour suit-clad people
Doing business on their phones.Security's
A bitch.A half an hour later, all is calm.
I'm sitting in a chair and watching airplanes
Leave and land, and conjuring her smiling
Face.In nine more hours, I'll be home.
She's probably to hers by now.Is she,
As I am, trying to learn how to use telepathy?
"I love you, J.I'm sad already."There's
No sign my message was received.I've
Gotten none from her.I reach my seat,
And fold my legs, and slowly doze off
Fitfully.The arid land slides by below,
And that which was moves ever further past.
"It's over, " I think, over Utah."Who can say
When it will start again? "

by Lawrence Beck

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