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Farewell To The Farm
OB (10-02-1991 / Ugun Emu)

Farewell To The Farm

Poem By Robert Louis Stevenson

Fear in the fearless,
The bogeyman that frighten the giant
Advertiser of holocaust,
Raper of the guiltless virgin,
What is the world without me?
If I am dead through you,
Who will you flaunt your possessions for?
Who will your enemy be?
Who will your friend be?
Holiness of terror that distanced brothers and sisters!
Placing all innocence under siege!
It is to you, your big guy parade,
Imposing fear on your little ones,
Harassing and intimidating your older,
Detecting which way the wind blow,
Getting fun out tragedy,
Anini inheritance,
Vast beast of morality,
Threat to brotherhood relationship!
Why did you do it?
You are the hidden celebrity,
That walk high shoulder,
Moving above the crowd,
Stepping on every toes
Human atomic, the reason for most parents advises
Have you so soon forgotten,
That before your cult, flesh and blood,
Might not be from the same source, but we are from the same source, which is mightier than the one we might not be from,
So, don't you know what you are doing is wrong!
To you, it is pleasure, for you are not the hunted but the hunter,
Do you know you don't really matter?
But humanity does,
So why not serve humanity,
And forget personality?
For humanity will serve personality!
Your brothers life's enemies are your cater-cousins!
Think about our age of innocences,
Where all we know is play and laugh with ourselves!
But now, I fear you for you hate me.
What has cultism done to our once admirable love?
It seems you were born with it, but oh no! You mere imitated and now it has grown deep rooted in your heart,
Danger of imitation,
May it not find your soul,
For I still want the brotherhood we sheared, in our lives, blossom again.
You become the students vampire,
In all innocence students, you're fire,
And then my garment is fear,
You let the controllers, drive you,
Tomorrow is the day we will all be the field guest, the old have started,
They will use you once again,
To rip soul apart,
To make blood flood,
You are used, and I, the victim,
And the you are refused, and I the victim,
What do I do, to eliminate cultism, that once was a conscious zone!
Will my brother ever love me again?
And my sister?
Jah have mercy on us! Take this cross, from us, away!

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Cultism, terrorism, confraternity, satanic worship, ...are all the handwork of evil masters. I like the insight and articulation of the poem given the rampant horrendous crimes against humanity today. I concur with the conviction of the poet. A nice piece. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.