TF (may 28 1993 / florida)

'Oil Thy Heart Well'

Sometimes in the midst of what happens
Everything that stands stills moves again
Though one would argue that the heart is gold
Most will never know it’s like oil

Like oil the heart is a time bomb
Waiting to explode or dwindle
In it’s ever slowly recourse of love
While we wait for it, we use as much as we can

Love is always associated with good and evil
People who see one side and all sides
Most would even argue the response
Who will fall for the trap or not

My love
Your love
His love
Her Love

We classify something that is like oil
Weather it good or bad
Most will never know for sure on which side it lays
Though one thing is for sure it will explode

It only matters, how and when it will.

by tierra fisher

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