Humans Cause Miseries.

I surmise the past with the factors known.
I perceive the future with the signs known.
There might be unknown facts influencing.
As a result I fault in my conclusions.

No man could be just in his decisions.
They are not flawless or without errors.
Thus undeserving victims are made out.
Humans breed miseries among themselves.

by Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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I know Katy, the amount of moaning, mounful boy bands around these days is enough to make a city at a time give up! lol But only sometimes, try listening to something more cheerful for your sisters sake! lol It is a stupid poem, but does reflect the current trend in cry baby boy bands very well, so I give it 8. Grinning, should be in bed! ! Oh yes I should! Tai