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I am in love
Couldn’t see above
The waters dept
How did I hold? How did I keep?

I am fighting
Now lying
Why am I trying?
How do I survive?
Why am I alive?

You broke me
Now life is no longer easy
Why should I fight?
Why should I follow my light?

I give up my battle!
I am no longer able
You broke me…
You held my only key

I try to undo my mask
A useless task
Why show myself?
When life is hell!

I am fighting
I am crying
Now lying
Why am I trying?

How did I survive?
I have no need to stay alive!

I am still in love
It is hurting
I meet his eyes
I meet the lies

I know
Nothing comes wrapped in a bow!
Yet I am still trying
Even though this world keeps me crying!

I am still in love
You are the one who came above
And pulled me out of this water
Now it is not much father

I am soaked with tears
I am reliving my fears
Why do I still trust you?
Why do you make my heart blue?

I am lying to myself
Who am I but a doll on the shelf?
Fake, useable, and emotionless
I am just a little actress

I am in love with you though
I can’t let my self-bleed blue
I am left in the rain
I am truly insane!

I need to change
I need to leave this game
I need to die in my pain
I need to lose to regain

Good bye…
-closes eyes-

by Kathrine Philip

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I know Katy, the amount of moaning, mounful boy bands around these days is enough to make a city at a time give up! lol But only sometimes, try listening to something more cheerful for your sisters sake! lol It is a stupid poem, but does reflect the current trend in cry baby boy bands very well, so I give it 8. Grinning, should be in bed! ! Oh yes I should! Tai