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KNR (August 28,1976 / Southern Oklahoma... )


People all around
Music's a' playin'
No one's out dancin'
One look at you and I wanna tear up the ground!

Our eyes locked
I grab you by the collar and lead the way
O' boy did you ever looked shocked!
Walkin' backwards facin' you, I snatch up a chair
I religiously sat you down right ova there!

Mirrors all around
DJ cranks up the sound
The beat has rhythmicly been found
While standin' in front of you
I'm all into it, slowly takin' off my tank
Your jaw hits the floor while your heart simply sank!

Thight fittin' jeans, red lacey brazeer, and my cowgirl hat
I approached you with a sweet smile just like that!
Body movin' perfectly with the groove
Sittin' provocatively with my legs wrapped around you
O' how you dare not even move!

Feet instantly touch the floor
I gracefully throw my back into a seductive arch
While my hair passionately touches the ground like the leaves in March!

Raisin' my lower half right in your face
Along with the beat of the illusive music
I throw my right leg intensely over your space
Crawlin' back to where you can't see me
No touchin' ~ You know the rule!
Devilishy I let my inner-self go freely
O' believe me I do know it's cruel!

Knees spread widely on the floor, posture a drift, eyes seducin' you
Both my hands carressin' my outter body
Passionately down to my crevice, I undo my belt
Can't waith for us to express how all this felt!

Perfectly orchestrated, I release my spell
Capturing my soul ~ Please don't put it alone on a shelf
Belt now amongst the crowd
This should make any man feel proud!
Just as the music was about to finally end
I casually give ya an up close and personal backside bend!

Pickin' up my hat, tank and belt
I reach for your hand and showed you how hot I felt
The ladies 'n' gents are happily howling
Both of us face to face standin' out in the crowd
Feelin' eachother's executed breath
Not a word was said, we quickly left everyone stranded
O' Damn! I do believe I have officially been branded!
As the noise turned to complete silence as we closed the door
I don't think there's a need to say any thing more! =D

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Comments (5)

Wow! It feels like Saturday Night in Cloud Chief or am I dreaming once again.
Ha ha! ! So glad I found THIS poem... knew you were too hot momma! ! Girl, we need to go out together for some fun, we could tear a town apart! And they won't ever know what hit'em.... Love ya, chickie! ~Lee
Feet instantly touch the floor I gracefully throw my back into a seductive arch While reading this best poem, I keep it in my heart
i'm an okie, and my homestate has never seemed more interesting...but i'll leave that stuff to the experts =D eni da kid
Kris, you wild &crazy Cowgirl In The Sand....This is some naughty shananagins, missy, and I can see that devil in yir Eye right c'here n' now! Fabulous fanfare of a Penning, with all the grandiose garnishings attached....you Rock On now, MISS KRIS! '''''''''''''''''''''FRANK(frankster)