CH (23 December / New Zealand)

Ol Bourbon Blues

I'm sitting here wasted,
Just playing my song,
Im broken in peices,
Please sing along.
Ive drunk too much bourbon,
But I lack a care,
Im sitting here crying,
Just bring me a beer.
Ive melted to sober,
Then worked my way up,
Ive cried for a living,
And I cant give it up.
Bring me a whiskey,
And tell me your tale,
Are you running from something,
You look rather frail.
The piano will play you,
Not a tune to forget,
Just dissolve in its treatment,
Dont be upset.
We can last forever,
In this most pathetic way,
Ill play the broken melody,
And you can sing the pain.

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Wow I like this poem nicely penned