DLW (8-12-1970 / Columbus, OH)

Ol' Red Eye

De' ol' sun just a laying up there in the hay with just
his one red eye a peepin' thru the morning clouds
'He'd better be a crackin', it's later then he thinks'

De' ol' ground hog a sitting there on his toad stool
a waiting to see his own shad-er. He say,
'I ain't goin' sit here all day, I got me lots of things to do'

De'ol' cricket he say, 'Boy howdy,
I done wore out four sets of strangs already and
I'm a waiting for de' ol' sun'

De'ol' katydid he say, 'Man I done did and didn't so many times
that I don't know which, which, is which which'

De' ol' moon feller he say, 'I throwed my nine thousand candlelight
power on him, but he never paid me no how; and...
he didn't pay me no never mind'

De' ol' bullfrog down in de' swamp he say, 'Man and boy
I'm as hoarse as a horse'

De' ol' bull over in de' meadow he say, 'I've been doing the buck
and the wing all morning, and I ain't up yet'

De' ol' dog a way over yonder he say, 'I've been talkin' to
the moon maiden all night, and have kept every one up all night long,
Now I got some sleepin' to do'

Suddenly a golden beam of light shone down and de' ol' sun say,
'I'm up and I'm a crackin'

Inspired by: Ralph C. 'Cakie' Busey 'My grandfather' 1996

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