Old 172

Old 172
A Tribute to Richard DeBaugh
By Karen S. Lynch ©2006

On silver-lit wings, the sunlight shone.
So proudly she flew, while taking me home.
Wings soaring gracefully, like Eagles flying high.
The weather we hoped was always “blue sky.”
Flying me home, mortally wounded by enemy fire,
So proudly she tried to overcome a situation so dire.
Just one more flight, that day fate not her thing,
Through the schoolhouse, loosing a wing.
She served her country and the pilot she flew,
Accomplished her mission, protecting twelve ships too.
Her death came that day in battle, too soon,
With a smoking cockpit, from her battle wounds.
Protecting this young pilot from a certain death,
That day in the town square, where she came to rest.
What a brave old soldier she was when she flew.
She served me well, that faithful old one seventy-two.

by Kitty Smith

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