(28th October 1971 / Glasgow, Scotland)


Like a paperback
With yellow pages
And a broken spine
Or a corkscrew
That’s unleashed
A staggering amount of wine.
Like some Levi’s
That look worn in
When they’re nearly worn through
Or steep stone steps
By a billion shoes.
Like a teddy bear
From years of love.
Like a park bench
Polished by
The bottoms above.
Like a fork
Out of shape
From so much food eaten
Or bowling shoes
Baggy from
Too many feet in.
Like Doc Martins
With soles
In their sixth incarnation
And Play Doh
Gone grey
From repeated creation.
Like a piano,
With cracked ivory
From tickling the ears.
Like a face
Creased and crumpled
From smiling for years.
Like a doorbell
That’s faulty
From too many guests
Like a jukebox
Out of order
From constant requests.
I love things
That action
Has worn away.
I pray that
I end up
Just like that one day.

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Comments (3)

Yep, that's what I thought you wanted to say, but I wouldn't have liked to have been so forward. Love Ernestine XXX
Loved this one Dave, but wasn't quite sure of the last two lines, I felt a little bit left in mid-air, am I missing something, or have I not quite got the point, can you enlighten me. Love Ernestine XXX
I like this - the rhymes becoming more and more fluid. Just wondering..it seems like your last line got dropped. Seems like it should end with a 'that way'. Or is that intentional (you were all used up?) . If so, cute. -chuck