In Feeling Invincible

In feeling invincible you have it wrong
No different to me time on you ticks along
Your best years behind you old age is ahead
Enjoy life whilst you can you'll be forever dead
You may have been a famed sports person in your life's prime
But you have become one more victim of time
Though of great personal sporting achievements I don't have to relate
You and I destined for to share a similar fate
The crowd may have chanted your name on your greatest day
But the silence is profound where dead heroes lay
You tell me of how great you were decades ago
But like it has been to me time has become your foe
One cannot hope to live on glories of the past
The now is all that matter and time ticks on fast.

by Francis Duggan

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You make me feel so old! I only feel 20 inside! ! ! Make it go away: '(deeply offended by this poem! You must be a bitter old bag!