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Old Age
MH ( / St. Austell, Cornwall, UK)

Old Age

I'm old and I'm wrinkled I sit in my chair,
eyes dim and faded, but memories are there,
of family and children, of lovers and like,
of sorrow and glad times, of pity and strife.
My heart beats much slower I look for the night,
my hands gnarled, are shrunken,
my eyes squint at light.
Old age has crept on me, my beauty is gone
Forever behind me, as death comes along,
my youth smooth and shining is set to decay,
my hair long and golden, now dull, thin and grey
But, I have such stories of love in my head
to cherish, remember, until I am dead,
my live has been torment, I've known deep despair,
I've lived on light laughter, and grief has been there
I've known all these feelings, I've lived so I'm told,
to laugh, to remember them -
now that I'm old !

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You make me feel so old! I only feel 20 inside! ! ! Make it go away: '(deeply offended by this poem! You must be a bitter old bag!