Old And New

Father shown the brow,
Son do well, have dreams,
Don't swell,
You need to grow,

I know, am dreaming,

You are a retired young,
I am growing young,
I request you—
Not to hurdle on my way,

You are now beast of burden,
I am butterfly catcher in Eden,

You walk towards the cemetery,
Me, life's beautiful commentary

©2014 Aftab Alam Khursheed. All rights reserved

by Aftab Alam

Comments (5)

Very well thought out piece scripted beautifully with touching words........amazing piece
You are a retired young, I am growing young, ....nice...enjoyed
Beautiful and thoughtful observation on Old and New. Beautiful presentation. Loved reading it. Thanks for sharing with us.
Funny and expressive, excellent and heart touchable. May your pen flow with excellent imagery ever to flow with serviceable observation. Outstanding poem old and new.10@10
a beautiful and imaginative conversation between an old and a young............very nice thoughts.