02. Love, Love, Love

i wish to be the air you breathe
love that floods your every cell
revitalising you, cheering you up
every second of your life

i love like the rush of the Nile, Yangtze -
listen, listen to this lovelorn heart,
holding on, letting go, holding on
with such tenacity to the hope
of every lovelorn night

an eclipse helps distill
my love for you,
seals your charms, allure
from the craving prying eyes
of the world, precipitates that
momentuous silhouette,
escapade for me and you
sun and moon, yin and yang
to be totally absorbed
in bliss, in each other

love, love, love
if only i could be the only star
to win your fancy
for that sparkling while
heaven the world would become

by john tiong chunghoo

Comments (5)

wow nice and wonderful one do carry one
Rossetti has such a deep faith in Jesus and it weaves naturally through this poem's verses
Will the New Year bring the charm and beautiful full of life and youth enjoyed be regained once again? So many beautiful pictures of the past remain to be seen once again according to the poetess!
Passing away, saith the World, passing away: Chances, beauty and youth sapped day by day: Thy life never continueth in one stay.
New year met me somehow sad.... perfect word though am full of hopes now