Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel
I have seen Angela Merkel naked it was on a nude beach
in East Germany and she was a young communist
member of the party, the only way one had to go if not
being stuck in a factory job. Angela back then had
a rounded body not quite Ruben but a body that had in
had the frame of a middle-class Germanic sexuality.
She had by then staked her political future and she had
no time for suitors which belonged to no party?
And she did right when East Germany went into freefall
she was there taking note and agreeing with the west.

But Merkel is history less, she has disregarded her past
yet her socialism instinct must give her sleepless nights
Greece cannot be bought by German Marks and they are
not disciplinarian by nature that can be cured by
a bracing North Sea beach.

by Oskar Hansen

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wow i really like this poem so much! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !