Way Beyond

The flower petals swaying in the water
chase after the distant moon
The fireflies glowing for the moons extra
The sweet breeze blowing for the mistaken
The sun shining down on the unbelievable
moving hope
The earth turning for all the dreams within
The girl sitting at he table as she counts
the minutes hes gone
The boy sitting in his room waiting for the
fallen love to be
The lies that never reach the ear to
The truth that goes far out beyond
the horizon

by jamie newcomb

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Ok. To MyPoemList.
The blonde I met drove a battered Chevy Chevette! What did you want me to SAY? ? ? ! I have never determined if U.K. is part of Europe; seems to me it IS. Most of 5 1/2 weeks was self-guided, with me bringing up the rear and MY rear. And it was not 'my dime' which was spent. MY dime would not have gotten us out of northern California, SO don't be asking me for a loan! Let me look at that photo again. One of YOUR babes, Kim? ? Nice! Thanks for sharing, ....and for the poem also. Bri :)))) As for Kelly's comment: those are the responses my mate likes ME to make.
Maybe the most perfecl limerick you have written. I am proud of you And funny too
Some people have all the luck I suppose
I hope he didn't ask any of people playing James Bond for their opinion.
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