Old Brown Calabash

Behold the Calabash

Old brown calabash

Swollen with age

And strangled with rage.


As the thought of a dazed state

And the smell of old brewed wine

Could still be smelt by my stuffy nostrils

I took a keen look

At its shrinkened and strangulated neck

And it’s well rounded abdomen

And thought of a selfish calabash that it would had been

I become so inquisitive

As I searched for clues of its dark ages

And the beauty and joy it radiated years past

And it dawned on me it must had lived an eventful life

The thought of the booze it swallowed

And the souls of men it sent to stupor

Non came so close to the pride it exuded of old

And the journey it transversed years past.

Old brown Calabash

Of two generations before mine

And events upon events

It journeyed a long time ago.

Old brown calabash

So big and so bold

As it tilts once more for another drink

And put a smile on every face it so fed

by Okeke Emmanuel

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