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Old Dog Hal

The farmer he felt sad the day
His poor old dog did pass away
The old dog his name it was Hal
He was the farmer's truest pal.

This famed dog worth his weight in gold
Died when he was thirteen years old
He left behind a kindly boss
Who still feels sad at his great loss.

The handsome looking white and brown
In sheepdog trials had won renown
One of the best dogs ever seen
At penning sheep he reigned supreme.

Hal helped his master in every way
All his commands he would obey
He would bring the sheep down from the hill
And many the rabbit he did kill.

He thinks about the gallant dog
How he once found lost sheep in the fog
And well remembers the day when
Hal killed a fox in Moher's Glen.

The wealthy farmer Michael Rank
For his son's life has Hal to thank
The dog heard the young boy's piercing scream
And dragged him from the flooded stream.

The farmer has another canine pal
A white and brown just like old Hal
But the comparison must end there
With Hal the young dog can't compare.

Now every dog he has his day
And each good thing must pass away
Every living thing must die
Just the same as you and I.

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