Old-Fashioned Girl With Rose

Poem By George Hunter

Upon looking at an old photograph:

Old-fashioned girl with rose
Dressed so nothing to expose.
Dressed in her best
Holding a rose
Upon her chest.
Standing there looking
So meek and mild,
It's enough to drive
A sane man wild.
I'll just undress you
With mine eyes,
Every part from
Head to thighs.
Unheard melodies
Oft are best
Let us put that to the test
And see what's
In that treasure chest.
More is less
And less is more
When you total
Up the score.
You're like a pearl
From an oyster shell
Holding me ever
Beneath your spell.

Comments about Old-Fashioned Girl With Rose

Excellent and with truth................Unheard melodies Oft are best..............loved that....10

5,0 out of 5
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