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Old Fellow John

How sad indeed life can be for some like the old fellow John
Up to ten years ago bright and lucid all memories from him have gone
He does not even recognize his carer Kate his devoted wife
The mother of his children and his soulmate for life

Everyone to him is a stranger none he does recognize
He used to be one who was knowledgeable and wise
Since the only love of her life has lost all of his memory
How sad very sad this for Kate has to be.

He has lost his gift of speech one of the living dead
For him one cannot say better days are ahead
His devoted Kate remains his dearest friend
She will love him and care for him until his life's end

He cannot think or speak to eat by Kate he is spoon fed
And he spends most of his waking hours in bed
You and i are so lucky we could be like John
Whose great gift of memory from his mind has gone.

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