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Old Fred The Sugar Daddy

He wears a dark crown topper for to cover his bald head
But his gray sides and sideburns the give away for Fred
With the body of an old man his years he cannot hide
And what he lacks in humility he makes up for in pride.

Old Fred the Sugar Daddy is seventy five years old
And he thinks his younger woman loves him when in fact she loves his gold
She is only one third of his age a beauty with blond hair
And of the fact of only to his money she is attracted he does not seem aware.

He left his old wife Miranda for her the silly old bloke Fred
And she has confided in her young mates that he is not much use in bed
And that he has passed his use by date though with him she will stay
For money speaks all languages and it's always been that way.

Some of his grand kids older than her and he feels swelled by pride
To be seen in public places with a young one at his side
You've often heard the old saying that boys always will be boys
And some men they grow older but they do not grow more wise.

Old Fred the Sugar Daddy though fifty years beyond his prime
Is too proud and too conceited for to bow to father time
His beautiful young woman just one third of his age with him only stands to gain
And until the Reaper claims him with him she will remain.

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