Old Friends

Through the years that I have wandered,
I have left a lot behind.
I have left all those old friends of mine.
Some have passed on to heaven,
some still remain who I see occasionally,
but for those who have gone
and I will never see anymore
this poem is just for them.
Their names shine across my memory
for now and always.
I can only hope they are looking down
as I write telling the world of their friendship
that I had as I grew through my life.
How they helped me overcome
at times torment and strife,
and encouraged me to better life
when I needed it the most.
When the world seemed unfair,
for me they were there.
For some I never had a chance
to say a final goodbye.
They were here and then gone
in the wink of an eye,
but the legacy of their friendship
still remains in my heart and memory,
for so I live, they will never be forgotten by me.

1 August 2007

by David Harris

Comments (4)

And with each one that goes your memory shares.....and around that next corner is a new friend that cares......They were fortunate to have you as a friend...one who will not forget even at the end....but a joyous reunion it wiil be....when in paradise we will all be joined with thee........ thanks for sharing my friend hugs from here JoAnn
I am sure they do, my friend..10
How fortunate were they to have a friend like you.....gone but never forgotten...so many friends left behind through the years with move after move after move....I hope there are others with hearts like yours that don't forget.......love, mm.xo~~~
Splendid friends David, and you may well meet them again in another time and place. A great reunion will then take place I'm sure. Nice write and sentiments. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX