Old Friends

Old Friends

Each day i sit down and think about
my friends, all the good times we had
and what we been through.but i think
the memories doesn't means anything to
them.Its like they're gone as if they have
faded away with no trace.i feel that
they dont really care about me anymore
and i have lost them as a friend.Sometimes
i feel like I dont have any real friends
even when i do.each day i pray to god to
ask if he can return my old friends back
to me, cause i mean nothing to some of
my so called friends.it seems that some
friends forget about you as time flies.
I wish that things can be like they use
to be in the old days but ill never
happen.as i feel the sadness inside me,
i thought that some people were my
friends but they're really not.i thank
god for giving me all the real
friends i have now.I prey that
they wont forget me like most others
did.but mostly i just want...my
old friends back.

by David Riley

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nice one David... old friends have fled before..all my friends seem to and it really leaves a hole in one's heart we might try to hide it and pretend that we dont need friends but one really does need a shoulder to cry to.. write more '