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Old Garrett

Of his travels he has many stories and tales
Old Garrett whose life's journey began in Cardiff in Wales
At a young age the wanderlust in him for the World out there to be seen
He said goodbye to his mum and dad and his younger brother Glen when he turned nineteen
Nothing nostalgic in Garrett he says the World is his home
He has seen much of Europe been to Berlin, London, Paris and Rome
Travelled in many Countries in South Africa worked for a few years in Capetown
When he was in his prime years and his hair was chestnut brown
Of his years of travelling he talks about today
In Canada and South America and in the U S of A
Been to Moscow and Delhi and Beijingand travelled in Japan
Garrett in his late seventies is a well travelled man
He does not know if any of his love affairs did bring children though he never had a wife
And somewhere in Australia he may live out his life.

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