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Old Garry

The old man ten doors down from me to many is a stranger
But in Europe in 1941 he fought in the gap of danger
Still you won't ever hear him say of how he fought for glory
He seldom talks about himself or tells of his life story.

In the fierce battle he bravely fought though the enemy did surround him
And he could hear his comrades moan as they died all around him
He received a bullet in the testicles from which he did recover
But that cost him his fertility as well as his young lover.

He could not give her children so him she would not marry
But he got on with living life he is a brave one Garry
A batchelor he never wed still regrets he don't have any
He will tell you his bad days were few and his good days were many.

A healthy one for eighty five he is as tough as leather
He walks to and from the park each day in every sort of weather
And despite the hardships he has been through he does not have a worry
The reaper for him has to wait he won't die in a hurry.

Old Garry who lives ten doors down the years have slowed him slightly
And he has worn the decades well for his age he looks sprightly
A hero back in World War 2 yet he never seeks the glory
And he does not wish to be well known and few know of his life story

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