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Old George

Old George is a disrespectful fellow he does not admire Australia's queen
He says I would surely admire her were she in her twenties attractive and lean
She may have a royal title but royalty or titles do nothing for me
She is one who surely looks her age and her I would not go to see.

Old George he is in his mid sixties his oldest grandchild is eighteen
Twenty years ago his wife she left him she was the long suffering Doreen
She grew tired of his drinking and his infidelities only so much any woman can take
He made no attempt to change for the better even though his marriage was at stake.

He likes looking at attractive looking women in their twenties no harm in looking he say
Just looking does make me feel younger even though I am ageing and gray
Once a month he goes to the brothel for sex with a good looking one in her prime he does pay
He says that's enough to satisfy me since I have known a better day.

He does not admire the Queen of Australia he says she is not a turn on
She did look quite nice in her twenties but her better days are long gone
Old George he may be in his sixties but he will go screaming to death
He likes women in their mid twenties there's lots of life in the old bugger yet.

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