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Old Ghost! (A Funny Story)

Santa and Banta left the bar after a long night of drinking, jumped in the car and started it up. After a couple of minutes, an old man appeared in the passenger window and tapped lightly. Banta screamed, 'Look at the window. There`s an old ghost`s face here! '
Santa sped up, but the old man`s face stayed in the window. Banta rolled his window down part way and, scared out of his wits, said, 'What do you want? '
The old man softly replied, 'You got any tobacco? '
Banta handed the old man a cigarette and yelled, 'Step on it, ' to Santa, rolling up the window in terror.
A few minutes later they calmed down and started laughing again.
Santa said, 'I don`t know what happened, but don`t worry; the speedometer says we`re doing 80 now.'
All of a sudden there was a light tapping on the window and the old man reappeared.
'There he is again, ' Banta yelled. He rolled down the window and shakily said, 'Yes? '
'Do you have a light? ' the old man quietly asked.
Banta threw a lighter out the window saying, 'Step on it! '
They were driving about 100 miles an hour, trying to forget what they had just seen and heard, when all of a sudden there came some more tapping.
'Oh my God! He`s back! '
Banta rolled down the window and screamed in stark terror, 'WHAT NOW? '
The old man gently replied, 'You want some help getting out of the mud? '

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