Old Glory Pride

How proud we are of our country
And what it has always stood for
Old Glory flying high and proud
Began when folks hit the shore

With love for the newfound land
Our ancestors grew crops with pride
They built a simple life
With their horses right by their side

With grit and grime they worked the fields
Toil and sweat made them their own
They scratched out a living for their families
Built a place that they could call home

As sunrise turns to sunset
Let’s give thanks for our home and our land
Remember who carved out our country
And our freedom for which Old Glory stands!

by Marilyn Lott

Comments (2)

A wonderful tribute to those whose sweat and tears carved out the way to freedom for all for which it stands, Old Glory! ! ! *10*! ! ! Best regards! Friend Thad
I haven't read any of your poems until now, Marilyn, but you speak the truth, and your patriotism and love for our country shines through in every line. Yes, we should remember those that founded our land, and those that gave us our freedom...the minutmen, Brigadier General Francis Marion (The Swamp Fox) , General George Washington, the brave men who wrote the Declaration of Independence, and formulated our constitution. Give thanks to these brave souls, who for their posterity, fought for freedom and equality. They said our country was 200 years old on July 4,1976, when actually it was 1786, that the ninth state of the union ratified the consitution. But that's semantics, and shouldn't really interrupt our freedom, our democracy, and our way of life. I am on extended vacation in Australia right now, but I will be returning to the states in a few months. Then I am not leaving the states again, because we have a wonderful, and beautiful country, with so much to see and have fun in. Thank you Marilyn, for sharing, and please read my poem The Swamp Fox. It is a tribute to the man whose warfare tactics, are still taught to our armerd forces. At the end of that poem is the epitaph from his headstone on Belle Isle. Love & hugs, Barbara