Old Glory Revisited

Our flag, the sign of glory from of old,
As dauntless men, their selfless deeds unfold
From Valley Forge down to the present time,
Have paid that awesome price, in death sublime,
To serve that banner blest by heaven's grace,
A beacon lit for all the human race.
But hold! Don't we behold, in guise of art,
Debased displays of flags that smite the heart,
Inspire a nation's ire, and rouse disgust
In sentinels alert to Glory's trust?
Our emblem burned in tumults out-of-hand,
Reflecting lack of faith throughout our land?
Unfurl our flag, her name remain unscathed,
And not besmirched by darkest deeds depraved!
Dishonor not, enhance Old Glory's fame,
Our deed keep fanning freedom's flick'ring flame!

by Frank Heck

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