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Old Guiseppe

Old Guiseppe he talks of Rome every day
The City he was born and raised in from here far away
Perhaps he will die in Geelong in Victoria a long way from home
Far south of his beloved City of Rome

A widower of twenty years his wife Claudia of cancer died
He brought her from Rome with him as his young bride
She was quite a loving and devoted wife
His soulmate and the one great love of his life

An eighty three years old great grandfather showing the wear of time
Guiseppe was a handsome man in his life's prime
What hair he has left on his balding head is silver gray
And clearly he has known of a far better day

He and Claudia were a beautiful couple when they were young
And though he speaks good English he retains the accent of the Italian tongue
His best years in life many decades ago
But eventually time becomes everyone's foe

It has been seventeen years since he last was in Rome
The City to him that does remain as home
But in Geelong in Victoria he may live his last night and day
At least anyhow it is looking this way.

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