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Old Harry The Bachelor

Old Harry the bachelor is a cynical bloke
Since he does look at life as a bit of a joke
He says he is one without any uni degrees
Though they too have been known to cough and to sneeze

Of those who boast of their successes he claims to have had a gutfull
Among those that he does dismiss as full of bull
To him all humans are born with some flaw
And birth is by chance and of natural law

Old Harry never married though he did father a son
Who drowned swimming in the sea when he was twenty one
For Harry this indeed was his saddest day
Since then he sees life in a cynical way

Yet to his dream of an egalitarian Human World Old Harry does cling
Of the praises of rank one who never does sing
To the positive thinkers a cynical bloke
But he is a man who can laugh at a joke

For years a barracker and a member of the town's football club
One well known and well liked at the local pub
Old Harry is partial to the glass of cheer
And he is always happy when drinking a beer.

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