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Old Harry

Amnesia has clouded his mind and all to him a stranger
But many many years ago he fought in gap of danger
His health is good though bent and gray ninety five in September
Without a memory in his mind since the past he cannot remember

He does not remember many words so he does little talking
Not allowed to leave the nursing home on his own though he has the constant urge in him for walking
Often out and about in the nursing home grounds he still craves open spaces
In their younger years he and his wife Ann had been to many places

Old Harry's soulmate and his wife she died six years ago at eighty seven
She surely is up there today that is if there is a heaven
Their union did not bring them children though four decades they spent together
They shared life's good times and not so good devoted to each other

In his younger years a decorated soldier and a good man and kind hearted
There is lots of living in him yet though his memory him has departed
The gates of the nursing home grounds locked at all times so that the amnesia inmates cannot get out
He would not find his way back home if he did go on walk-about.

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