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Old Heroes

In their young years they were fearless and proved themselves brave
But old heroes will only find peace in the grave
They still bear their old grudges against the old foe
That they carry from battles they fought in many decades ago

They refuse to allow patriotism to fade
As they shuffle uptown after the citizen band in the war day parade
On their coat lapels their medals for their war bravery they do display
With applause from the admiring onlookers they shuffle on their way

Up to the war memorial where after the speeches the last post is played
In their young years they marched to battle of death unafraid
They may have grown old and tired but their big egos intact does remain
And if they were asked to they would go to war again

I have been told by patriots and nationalist that they risked their lives for the likes of me
But with their sort of rhetoric of course i did not agree
There would not be wars to fight in if men refused to fight
And as is said two wrongs never does make a right

Applauded by their proud descendants and their admiring old wives as they shuffle on their way
The years have left them looking weary and feeble and gray
The clock ticking on to their last night and day
Old heroes die hard as the wise one did say

But since i am one not devoid of empathy
For the aged war heroes i can feel sympathy
As boys they watched old war heroes on parade
And this is how patriots and war men are made.

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